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Instructions for authors

Please read the instruction carefully first, and then submit the manuscript to the editorial department.

◇The papers must be scientific, logical and creative which contain the true materials, credible statistics, clear viewpoints,well-knit structure and fluent sentences.

◇ Submit a recommending letter, together with the manuscript. The author must assure that there is no duplicate submission. 

◇Submit your manuscript online.

□Title: Titles should be concise and descriptive. 

□Abstract: Provide an abstract of no more than 300 characters, including information as applicable for the following headings: Objective, Methods, Results, and Conclusions.

□Key Words: Underneath the Abstract, provide 3-10 key words (preferably Medical Subject Heading terms).

□Introductions of authors: The name, address, telephone number, fax number, and Email address of the correspondence author should be addressed.

□Grant support: Any grant support that requires acknowledgment should be mentioned on this page.

□Introduction:Provide a brief background for the article, including the rationale for the study or observation.□Methods: Describe the selection of subjects, including study design. Identify the procedures in sufficient detail so others may replicate the results. Provide references to established methods and new techniques; provide the rationale for their use and also describe their limitations. Authors submitting review articles should describe the methods used to locate, select, extract, and synthesize data.

□Statistics: As necessary, describe statistical methods and provide appropriate indicators of error or uncertainty. Specify any statistical software used.

□Results: Present results in a logical sequence.

□Conclusion: Emphasize important and new findings of the study. Include implications of the findings and their limitations.

□References: References should be numbered consecutively in the text; present citations in numerical order to correspond with mention in the text. 

□Statement: Once material is published in the journal, it becomes the copyrighted property of Shanghai Journal of Acupuncture and Moxibustion. Permission must be attained from the editorial board to publish in other medical journals.

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